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We are the creative heart of Catchfire Design. Our individual experiences of life and work enable us to approach the business of consulting and problem solving with real empathy and a genuine understanding of what it is you want to achieve. With our combined experience of delivering in IT consultancy; creative design solutions; finance and banking we can offer knowledge and skills drawn from working effectively at all levels from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Tracy Cox
Creative Director

Tracy is the creative leader of the firm and is an inspirational and sympathetic designer. Her motivation is the clarity of the right design that simply works, without complication or conflict.While the need for purpose and delivery is of the essence, she places high priority on the need to understand your needs in an approachable and kind manner.

Her 17 years experience, drawn from IT consulting and graphic design, means that she's able to get the job done.

Karen Cox
Commercial Director

Karen's breadth of view from her 20 year experience from merchant banking through to e-commerce lends her a valuable insight into industry's needs, applications of graphic design and consultancy services.

Used to preparing reports and presentations to the highest board levels in major organisations, Karen is incisive, astute and able to see the big picture. She can translate and effectively communicate your needs.

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